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Why do businesses consider the use of external consultants for health and safety?

  • Uncertain about their level of compliance with legislation and regulation.
  • A need to see how well or not they are performing.
  • No level of in-house competence or a need for professional support to enhance your provision.
  • A reaction to adverse inspections, accidents or loss or a desire to avoid the negative effect of poor health and safety performance by ensuring higher of commitment and compliance.

Whichever of the above reasons apply, or others particular to your own circumstances, it essential that the support you enlist demonstrates experience, a proven track record, professionalism, tailored solutions.

DTD Training provides you with all of this and more.

You may only require a brief intervention, sometimes 1 day to provide you with a detailed overview of your position relative to a selected concern within your business.

What benefits would you expect to derive from the use of an external consultancy?

Many of the clients we have supported have seen immediate benefits from our assistance. Examples of such benefits are:

  • Improvement in their legal and regulatory compliance through updating their health and safety management systems
  • Policies, procedures and arrangements, including those that apply particularly to management and control of health and safety processes that are more reflective of your business and its requirements.
  • Better quality control processes and supply chain management procedures.
  • Design of in-house support programmes for key personnel to assist in the implementation and control of new procedures.

There are many other benefits to consider besides these.

What is our approach to assisting you with your legal compliance?

You need to know and you need to comply, is the long and the short of it. What we will not do is burden you with an over-bureaucratic and burdensome approach to health and safety. We recognise the importance of the government’s approach through its ‘Red Tape Challenge’ which encourages employers and practitioners to make every effort not to burden their businesses with unnecessary rules and regulations. Our approach therefore is to work closely with the changes, which are many and often, and ensure that we and therefore your business is up to date and progressive in its approach.


Principal consultant Tudor Williams is a Chartered member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. He is also a registered consultant on HSEs consultants register.DTD Training Ltd assures its customers that it does everything possible to keep up to date with the requirements necessary for its customers well being.